F8 Vinyl LP – Five Finger Death Punch

F8 Vinyl LP

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Five Finger Death Punch's album F8 is here. Available now!

This double vinyl LP features the songs below:

LP 1

Side A: Run time 15:16
F8 (1:15)
Inside Out (3:46) [EXPLICIT]
Full Circle (3:22) [EXPLICIT]
Living The Dream (3:34) [EXPLICIT]
A Little Bit Off (3:10) [EXPLICIT]

Side B: Run time 15:54
Bottom Of The Top (3:30) [EXPLICIT]
To Be Alone (3:45)
Mother May I (Tic Toc) (3:54) [EXPLICIT]
Darkness Settles In (4:41) [EXPLICIT]

LP 2

Side C: Run time 14:10
This Is War (3:11) [EXPLICIT]
Leave It All Behind (3:30) [EXPLICIT]
Scar Tissue (2:53) [EXPLICIT]
Brighter Side Of Grey (4:29)

Side D: Run time 10:29
Making Monsters (BONUS) (3:03) [EXPLICIT]
Death Punch Therapy (BONUS) (3:08) [EXPLICIT]
Inside Out (Radio Edit) (BONUS) (4:13) [EXPLICIT]


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