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Guitar Zero: Legends Of The Fail’ Episode 2 - 5FDP

This week Ivan is ready to shred and jumps on the phone with Satchel from @steelpanther Join Ivan's journey to learn to play guitar with a new episode Wednesday 5/20 on 5FDP youtube, IGTV and Faceb...

Guitar Zero: Legends Of The Fail Episode 1 5FDP

Presenting the brand new series Ivan Moody’s ‘Guitar Zero: Legends Of The Fail’ Episode 1 This week Ivan checks in with Tom Maxwell of HellYeah and gets advice that maybe he should take up cooking ...

5FDP - Quarantine Theater 2020 - Episode 12 - Battleborn

The band discusses the video for Battleborn… and plenty of the good reasons to avoid British jail food… Every episode of #5FDPQT2020 revisits one of the band’s music videos with live commentary fr...

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