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5FDP - Quarantine Theater 2020 - Episode 10 - The Pride

In this episode the band discusses the video for "The Pride” and reveals the never before told story about the 2012 American Capitalist tour, and how they literally went full tilt “American Capitalist” to make it happen.
As they graduated into arena headliners, this was by far the biggest production 5FDP had taken on the road up until that point. However, the band insisted on not passing the price tag on to their fans but to keep ticket prices low and take a rather creative approach to make it happen: 5FDP managed to make Corporate America and Metal Heads benefit mutually.
With the help of corporate partners, the band was able to carry a giant show across the country which took caravans of trucks, buses and around 150 crew members and stagehands every night to put on the show.

Every episode of #5FDPQT2020 revisits one of the band’s music videos with live commentary from Ivan, Zoltan and Chris…
The tell-all, behind the scenes, never before told stories of the making and meaning of 5FDP's music videos will be posted on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10am PST


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